Bamboo Sleepsack - Giraffe

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Bamboo Sleepsack - Giraffe

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This classic sleeping sack replaces loose blankets in the crib or cot for safe and sound sleep. Sleeves can be attached in colder seasons and removed in warmer weather. It is important not to overheat a baby.

- Soft and cozy fabric to help soothe baby’s restful sleep;
- Sensitive skin friendly;
- Allows baby the freedom to roll over and wiggle around;
- Zipper slides up for easy diaper-changing and dressing;
- Travelling feature: placket opening on back to fit around 5 point harness car seat or stroller;
- Roll over cuffs fold over into a mittens;
- Chin protector to prevent rubbing and irritation;
- Machine wash, tumble dry low (close the zipper before wash)

TOG meaning: TOG is a unit of measure of thermal insulation used in the textile trade. The British "TOG" value is the international standard measurement of a blanket's thermal effectiveness (how well it keeps you warm). 1 TOG Three season comfort (moderate weather)