Bravery Potion Play
Bravery Potion Play
Bravery Potion Play

Little Larch

Bravery Potion Play

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Our Bravery Potion helps kids to overcome difficult situations. The affirmation on the back of the pouch asks them to think about all the ways they can be brave - you can do hard things!

Our Potion Play has been designed to spark mindful water play. Pour a few spoonfuls of the mixture into a large bowl, add water and watch the magic happen. Perfect for outdoor, nature play!

Each Potion Play has been crafted without artificial dyes or fragrances. Our Bravery potion is naturally coloured with spirulina and contains certified bioglitter.

Each pouch contains 130g of potion mixture. Make your potion last longer by using a few spoonfuls and resealing the pouch for future use. 

It's time to make magic.

Encourage kids to forage for "magical ingredients". Sticks, rocks and flower petals make great additions to any potion!

Ages 5+
Not intended for human consumption or bath.
Avoid contact with eyes. 
Store out of high-heat.

Parental supervision required.
We do not recommend playing with potions on a porous surface due to the potential for staining.