Night Light - Rainbow - Sage

Veille sur toi

Night Light - Rainbow - Sage

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In French, "Veille sur toi" means "Take care of you" or "Watching over you". Since 2013, Veille sur toi designs pretty night lights in fused glass for little ones. Our characters are amusing, funny and caring! Each piece is handmade with care, in Quebec, Canada.

The glass is a safe and much more robust material than you would think. It is an ideal material for conceiving night lights because, unlike porcelain, glass does not become warm to the touch. In addition, glass is not likely to melt, unlike plastic night lights. Finally, glass is an ecological and durable material.

Night lights are very practical to reassure the child who is afraid of black, to light the parent who must get up at night to feed, change a layer or give a medication. It can be placed in the hall, in the bathroom and even in the kitchen! Bulb and mechanism are included, the light is ready to be plugged.