Hello Everyone!

We are the Kind Motherhood Crew!

During our pregnancies, each pregnancy had its own uniqueness – We required support in different areas and it was a challenge to source maternity wear in our sizes. We felt discouraged and we just don't wish that feeling upon anyone. We feel very dear for the mamas who are limited to wearing oversized, unsupportive, uncomfortable clothing.

We love being able to provide and honest space to support the local motherhood community and to offer mamas comfort and style when they are navigating one of the most incredible times of their lives. It’s scary, it’s fun, its overwhelming - its so many things at once!

Our collective goal at Kind Motherhood is to provide safety + comfort + support + functionality + style for all four trimesters and beyond. 

Delivery to Grande Prairie will be regular, with shipping options and tentative pop up shops scheduled.

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Take a look at our store content and if there is anything that you’re looking for that we don’t have - send us an email. We can work together to help you find that piece you’re looking for.

with LOVE, 

Kerri, Courtney and Jody